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base for shimanami kaido 2019/5/4 20:43
is it possible to base myself in onomichi and ride the shimanami kaido in two days
I don't have to try to arrange luggage transport seems easier or do you prefer a overstay on the islands
itinerary will be something like day 1 the islands of Mukaishimacho, innoshima and Ikuchijima mayb return by ferry or ride back to the hotel
and then on day two take the ferry from onomichi to setoda and ride the last four Islands to imabari
and then take the bus back to onomichi
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Re: base for shimanami kaido 2019/5/5 16:23
While I think it is doable to take a bus back to your hotel in the evening of Day 1 and then out again to the same/similar spot where you left on the previous day on Day 2, I am not sure it makes that much sense, if it is only because of luggage. You can for sure leave your luggage in Onomichi (either at your hotel, or research it if there are longer term lockers, or ship it already onwards to your next destination) and just make the ride by bicycle with a minimal overnight luggage.

If you need further inspiration on the Shimanami Kaido, feel free to check out my blog about travelling through Japan by bicycle: http://bicycletraveljapan.blogspot.com/2017/11/part-10-day-48-49-ridin...

Enjoy your ride!

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Re: base for shimanami kaido 2019/5/6 20:11
thanks for your answer i allready found your great blog
i think i will travel to okayama after or before onomichi to visit the art Island teshima and inujima
so its easier to stay on that side of the country
i still have to look / read into Shikoku
it will make life easier instead of going to Nagasaki since i will leave the country at osaka
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