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4 days in Osaka 2019/5/5 23:36
Hi, I have never been to Osaka before, is 4 days is enough for Osaka ? We have 2 teenagers so they really want to go to Universal Studio for 1 day, and we have 3 more days left kindly let us know which place we should go. We have been to Kyoto. Is it far from Osaka to Takayama ? We need cooler climate.

Thank you

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Re: 4 days in Osaka 2019/5/6 17:59
I am in Osaka regularly for business and have yet to find really interesting things to do there. So 3 days in Osaka would be more than enough for me to see everything that is even only mildly interesting (e.g. Dotonbori, Osaka castle, some shrines, Aquarium, some museums). None of these places I personally find specially interesting.

Takayama isn't close to Osaka, you can find out through Google Maps how long it takes and if that is still "close" in your definition.

Also what are you interested in? Depending on that we can advise where good destination might be. Also advise how much travel time from Osaka is fine.

If you are after "cooler" places, maybe look into the mountains in Wakayama? I went last year for a weekend to Dorogawa onsen in August. While in Osaka it was incredibly hot, we could enjoy some much cooler weather in Dorogawa onsen.

Enjoy planning your trip to Japan!
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Re: 4 days in Osaka 2019/5/6 21:18
Wait, aren't you the person who only has 9 days and hates big cities who was posting earlier?

I have no idea why you want to spend any days in Osaka outside of visiting USJ for your kids if you don't like cities.

It's nearly 3 hours one way from Nagoya to Takayama let alone getting to Nagoya from where ever you are in Osaka.

Have you thought about Koya-san? It should be cooler and is not a very difficult trip from Osaka. I've only been in November and it was very cold while I was there.

Good luck!
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Re: 4 days in Osaka 2019/5/7 02:22
Koyasan is a good suggestion. It is bound to be cooler there than in Osaka, no matter what. And it is one of the "must see" places in the Kansai area. It could make for a very pleasant day trip. (Note that not everyone agrees with the common perception that you have to spend the night there to make it worth a trip! Spending the night in a shukubo is not for everyone, and there are plenty of other opportunities to have rich cultural experiences in Japan. Your kids are probably going to have more fun at the rich cultural experience offered by Universal Studios.)

Unfortunately, you're probably not going to find many helpful suggestions for things to do in Osaka on this forum (or others like it). Most people seem to have the fairly strong opinion that aside from "B-kyu gourmet" opportunities there is very little of interest to do there. There are in fact a lot of things to do in Osaka, but whether they are of interest to you (as opposed to other people), is something that only you can figure out. I would suggest that you keep an open mind, but if you don't have a lot of time to be doing your own research, maybe you should just write Osaka off except as a home base for Universal Studios and day trips to other places.

If I had limited time in Kansai, I would normally tend to spend at least half of it in Kyoto (for some people it is worth repeated visits), but since you have already been there, if you are really interested in "going to" Osaka (so you never have to go back?) you might want to take a look at the Osaka Amazing Pass and see if the line-up of free attractions is of any interest to you. (Warning: not surprisingly, the people who don't like Osaka also tend to not like this pass! But based on some blogs that you can easily discover online, there are actually people who give it a two-day whirl and really have a ball. For some reason, they seem to mainly come from Asian countries.)

One downside of the Osaka Amazing Pass is that it doesn't cover two of Osaka's most popular venues, namely the aquarium and the Abeno Harukas observation deck. Those are both quite pricey, so if you are on a budget, you are probably not going to want to do them and also the Amazing Pass. On the other hand, with four days, you could conceivably do all that along with Universal Studios, and never have to Osaka again for the rest of your lives.
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