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will i come back? 2019/5/6 20:48
I have a student visa for 2 years.but i have to go my country for 3-4 month cause of some diseases .but my elementary school is not going to allow me for 3-4 month.they told me that if i wll not return within 1month then they will tell visa will be cancelled or not?will i come back after 3-4 months?plz suggest me
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Re: will i come back? 2019/5/7 08:02
If your current residence status expires or is voided, you can always get another student visa later on if you can get a place at a school.
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Re: will i come back? 2019/5/7 16:16
Speak to your parents if you are at elementary school. Your visa is linked to your parents visa as you are seen as a dependent.
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