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JR Bus in Kyoto 2019/5/7 00:09
I will be buying the JR Pass when I vist Japan this October, and would like to make use of the Pass as much as possible. Therefore, I would like to get some information clarified as there is not much information about JR Bus for JR Pass users.

1. To get to Ryoanji Temple, is it possible to board the JR Bus at JR Enmachi Station or do I still need to walk to Nishinokyo-enmachi to take the bus?
2. If it is possible, how many bus stops before reaching Ryoanji Temple?
3. How long do I need to walk from Ryoanji Temple to Kinkakuji Temple?
4. Is there a JR bus stop near Kinkakuji Temple?
5. Would I be able to go back to Enmachi Station in this JR bus?

Thank you in advance!
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Re: JR Bus in Kyoto 2019/5/7 11:29
Use this.

JR bus covered area is not so wide.
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Re: JR Bus in Kyoto 2019/5/7 12:39
@Rial, thank you for this! I've been trying to track down a particular bus route and your linked website had it!
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Re: JR Bus in Kyoto 2019/5/7 13:45

Ryoanji to Kinkakuji is around 1.3km, how long it takes depends on how quickly you walk. 15 minutes would be reasonable.
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Re: JR Bus in Kyoto 2019/5/8 17:28
Thanks guys for your replies.

How long do y'all normally spend in each temples?
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Re: JR Bus in Kyoto 2019/5/9 09:48
Ryoanji - when I was there last week I think my we allocated a bit less than an hour to see the rocks and walk around the garden.
Kinkakuji - actually inside, about 20-30 minutes. Getting in can take a while depending on the queue - the ticket office was the bottle neck for my last visit so about 15 minutes queuing, but it did mean it wasn't especially crowded. However, the queue by the time we left (just 30 minutes later) was crazy - maybe a 1/2 km long, snaking down the street.
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Re: JR Bus in Kyoto 2019/5/9 10:59
Crazy is right... There are so many superb sites in Kyoto that have no lines whatsoever to get in, and no more than a handful of visitors at any given time. But I'm grateful for the tourist magnet sites. They seem to have an irresistible pull, and an almost limitless capacity to absorb ever more foreign tourists. I wonder how long it can continue, though.

In case it might be of any use, the following page has route maps for the JR buses, and you can also download complete schedules (\) there. But it's all in Japanese...

The Arukumachi information on the JR buses can be very helpful, although I find their site a little quirky. Google Maps is actually not bad for those JR bus routes, if you need another source.
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Re: JR Bus in Kyoto 2019/5/9 11:25
I'm thinking of going Kinkaku-ji and Ryoanji in the afternoon, after Arashiyama.. Would it be too crowded by then? Or is it recommended to swap my plan? And also Nishiki Market after those 2 items. What time does the market close?
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Re: JR Bus in Kyoto 2019/5/9 19:52
I hope youfre planning on using the JR Pass for a lot, lot more than a couple of bus trips in Tokyo? The bus fare to Ryoan-ji is about Yen 230 so pretty much irrelevant as to whether or not you can use the JR Pass. I assume youfve read the eAccessf information for Ryoan-ji in this guide? \ https://www.japan-guide.com/e/e3909.html
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Re: JR Bus in Kyoto 2019/5/9 23:08
If you can , start with Ryoanji first thing in the morning. Ie plan to be there a few minutes before it opens. Then go directly to the rock garden, enjoy it in near solitude then see the rest and walk over to Kinkakuji. It will still be early then, so crowds start arriving at Kinkakuji but it wonft be tourism hell yet.
I would only afterwards go to Arashiyama. Arashiyama also gets crowded (actually only a very small part of Arashiyama gets crowded) but it is a much more ample zone than Ryoanji or Kinkakuji.

If you want to get away from the crowds in Arashiyama you just need to walk a few additional minutes (maybe 10 ) from the bamboo forest and things calm down considerably.

You can also rent a bicycle and do like I did last September:


PP is totally right, having the JR pass in Kyoto will not safe you any real money. So only use those busses if you are always beyond the break even point for your JRP. Buying it to use a bus is no good use of your money.

Enjoy your trip to Kyoto!
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Re: JR Bus in Kyoto 2019/5/10 03:04
Yes, I bought the JR Pass as I will be going to a number of places not just Kyoto. However, I read a few guides where it stated that JR Pass is not so useful in Kyoto. So I was thinking if I should get the Kyoto Pass as well.

The above places that I have listed are for Day 1, as for Day 2, I am planning on Fushimi Inari, Ginkakuji, Honen-in Temple, Eikando Temple, Nanzenji Temple, Shoren-in Temple, Yazaka Shrine, Kodaiji Temple, Ninenzaka, Sanneizaka and Kiyomizu-dera Temple.

Do you guys think this is doable? As I checked on google maps, the temples are quite close to each other.

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