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Shinjuku to hakone 2019/5/7 11:46
My buddy and i are in Tokyo, shinjuku at the moment. We want to visit Hakone but are unsure of the most cost-effecient way to get there. We have our suica cards but also the Japan rail pass (we havent eactivatedf it yet). Ifve read a bit about the hakone free pass but im still confused on the matter.
Hope someone can help :)
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Re: Shinjuku to hakone 2019/5/7 19:23
Shinjuku-Hakone is most logical to do by Odakyu line. There is a pass available for them depending on the days you want to stay in Hakone and how much you will ride around.

If you have a day on your JR pass that you donft use otherwise then the most cost effective would be to use JR until Odawara and Odakyu from there. But this depends on what is your overall plan and if you have that day available. Remember that JR pass is 7/14/21 CONSECUTIVE days!

Enjoy your trip to Hakone!
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Re: Shinjuku to hakone 2019/5/8 10:04
Odakyu Railway from Shinjuku to Hakone-Youmoto is Y880 to Odawara and then Y310 to Hakone-Yumoto. The benefit of using a JR rail pass is that it can save you 2 * Y880, or not very much, and the extra connections using the JR pass makes it a less attractive option (although it can be quicker in time if you get the timing right).
The Hakone Free Pass, depending on your route reduces the cost to/from a bit more as it does have some savings on transport costs for the day.
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