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Tokyo airports 2019/5/7 13:39
Is there any disadvantage if I fly into Tokyo via Haneda and out via Narita? What is the cheapest way for 4 adults to travel from Haneda/Narita into central Tokyo?
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Re: Tokyo airports 2019/5/7 19:20
Generally Haneda is more convenient because it is closer to Tokyo, so I donft think there is an advantage to fly out of Narita unless you get a much better price or a better time, connection.

For cheapest, from Narita I think the cheapest is a direct bus to Tokyo station and Ginza for 1000 Yen. From Haneda you can just take a commuter train or the monorail. They arenft very expensive.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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Re: Tokyo airports 2019/5/7 19:39
Generally Narita is more convenient because it has a direct and comfortable rail link (the Narita Express) to most of the popular areas in Tokyo, whereas from Haneda you have to use crowded commuter rail, and often with transfers to boot.

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Re: Tokyo airports 2019/5/7 19:54
I always use Narita for arrivals and Haneda for departures. My flight arrives at 2pm and it gives me time to head to Haneda for my domestic connection. I always use hotels near Shinagawa Station the last week in Japan, so I take the local train to Haneda because my flight is the early departure as opposed to the afternoon departure from Narita. It takes 20 minutes to Haneda and an hour from Narita for me.
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Re: Tokyo airports 2019/5/8 00:54
Thank you very much for all your helpful advice!
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Re: Tokyo airports 2019/5/8 02:49
I love Haneda, and have used it for domestic connections after an international flight (UK to Haneda, quick change to Haneda domestic terminal and then straight on to Takamatsu).
Ifve also stayed there the night before an early morning flight home. As airports go, itfs not at all a bad place to stay. I prefer it to Narita (although I know plenty of people like Narita town as a place to stay their final night, and find plenty to do there, but Ifve never done that).
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Re: Tokyo airports 2019/5/8 09:47
I travelling to and from both airports frequently to collect people with luggage, it really depends where you are going to when assessing which is easier. Time taken is not actually that different for either in the overall scheme of things (as flight paths to Haneda take longer than Narita as an example).
And from Haneda, a 1000 yen bus is more than the train to many locations in central Tokyo. For example, my trip Shinjuku to Haneda yesterday was Y690 on the way there (using monorail) and Y610 on the way back (using Keikyu, because it's a better train than the monorail IMO).
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Re: Tokyo airports 2019/5/8 13:11

If I were you, I would opt for Haneda both ways.
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Re: Tokyo airports 2019/5/8 14:25
Thank you. I opted to fly into Haneda and out through Narita because of the cheaper airfare and the flight timings (get into Japan in the morning and leave in the late afternoon). Now I need help with my route around Tokyo and the vicinity. Just posted a question with the title "Around and outside Tokyo - itinerary" and waiting for the administrator to release it. Hope to get your advice on that. Thank you very much!
p.s. I'm very excited about my upcoming trip. Last December, my family had a fabulous holiday in Kyoto-Osaka-Nara-Kobe. Japan is our favourite holiday destination!
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