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What are rules for Tourist Visa? 2019/5/7 20:43
The exact details I'm talking about is in my case i have visited japan September 2018 for 2 weeks
left back to U.S same month(september2018)

I then went back to Japan christmas Time Dec. 25 2018 then stayed for 3 months(90days)
went back to the U.S. in march 2019.

I then.. Went back to japan 1 week later for 3 Months another 90days from March2019 until June2019.

so in total its 180days from the first visit in september? or second visit? or third visit? or 180 days from the new year(january)?then im assuming its 180 per year from january?

That is my one question. My initial question is Can i re-enter Japan for another 90 days From which ever date after i came back to the U.S. from June2019? or Did i already use my 180 days from january?

Im so confused. and I guess i have also seen that there really is no limit 180 days is the recommended but it could be possible to extend the days throughout the year but i guess that almost leans in the becoming a resident which i am not.

Thoughts ? Answers?

Thank you !
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Re: What are rules for Tourist Visa? 2019/5/8 11:19
It's not a Tourist Visa, your residency status in "Temporary Visitor". And with that many days, Immigration will determine you're not that "Temporary" any longer and wonder why you are staying in Japan that long. I also tend to believe there will be a financial factor when it comes to taxes and "residency".
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Re: What are rules for Tourist Visa? 2019/5/9 09:41
There is no 180 limit or usage - that is an internet myth. You can easily/safely re-enter under the visa waiver programme as a US citizen. You do not have a tourist visa, but a temporary permit issued on arrival in Japan.

Over 183 days in any 365 day period does make you subject to Japan taxation, but the international treaty between Japan and the USA will have additional information about your obligations to pay tax on worldwide income in both countries (double taxation). There are some other requirements/criteria as well about what gets taxed and what doesn't. Being taxed twice on the same dollars earned can make for some big tax bills.
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Re: What are rules for Tourist Visa? 2019/5/9 20:26
Apart from any possible tax issues, I assume that, sooner or later, Japanese immigration are going to ask why you keep staying for 90 days, leaving for a week and then coming back again for another 90 days. You donft say why you are doing this but, sooner or later, you better have a good explanation as most countries - and I doubt Japan is any different - would assume this was an attempt to do an end-run around their immigration laws. Japan appears to have a one-year tourist evisaf (which you have to apply for) for those that can demonstrate they have esavingsf in excess of Yen 30 million (which presumably demonstrates that you can support yourself for that period).
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