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Payment in philippine immigration? 2019/5/8 01:45
Hello, can somebody pls help my son is half japanese and half filipino he is planning to go back to japan to work as a nekei-jin descendant some agency help us with that. My son is now turning 19 this may 18 we have applied for the renewal of hes japanese passport and this thursday is the scheduled release of his passport.My problem is that we discovered that he had "overstayed in the philippines" for 15 years and we to pay the immigration 450,000 we dont jave that kind of money but i think the agency is willing to pay but my son have to work for the agency for 3-4 years. Hes father my ex husband tol me that he's a dual citizen thats why i didnt know that he's overstaying in the phils. he has two birthcert. Filipino name birt cert in the phils, (hes using my maiden name) and japanese name (he's using he's father's name in koseki-tohon) is this penalty in immigration true?
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Re: Payment in philippine immigration? 2019/5/8 17:42
If your son has a Philippine passport, or can be applicable to apply for a passport than he has the Philippine nationality. Also having just the nationality is enough, your son should also be registered at a city hall or other place for living inside the country.

I think it is better to talk with immigration than asking here on a forum since this seems an urgent matter.

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Re: Payment in philippine immigration? 2019/5/8 18:12
Are you in Japan now or the Philippines?
If you are in Japan you can contact that Philippines Embassy, phone 03 5562-1600 +1+0 for the operator and ask for advice. They are open 9am-6pm.
Generally speaking dual citizens holding legitimate passports cannot be charged for over staying. If you are in Philippines then go to the Immigration and ask for clarity. Take his passports. It isn't clear why the Agency that helped obtain your son's Japanese passport would expect him to work for them.
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Re: Payment in philippine immigration? 2019/5/8 22:09
He's in the philippines. Thanks for the advise it seems we really have to go to imigration to ask for clarity about this
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