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Age restriction to enter olimpics venues 2019/5/9 05:50
Hello everyone
Im attending the olimpics next year, i have 2 sons (twins) aged 9 months, at the date of the olimpics they are going to have 2 years.
In the Hotels i have seen and asked for information, they enter without a cost
I can fly with them with not cost (In my arms) or pay 70% of an adult ticket to get a seat (I prefer this due to the time flying)
Also the Japan Rail pass is free unless i get a reserved seat, otherwise they can travel without a problem

But it seems there is no information anywhere that refers if the can enter for example at the inauguration event.
And if they need a ticket or can enter free if i seat them with me.

Anyone know something about it?

Thanks in advance for the help!
by Karnalgas (guest)  

Re: Age restriction to enter olimpics venues 2019/5/9 15:28
Therefs lots of information available; I found this on google in 10 seconds. I donft mean to be rude but, did you look?


All Games competition sessions including the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.


Ticket prices are the same for adults, children and infants (requiring a seat).
Admission will be free (no seat / no ticket required) for one child per one ticket holder, if the child is under the age of 2 (as of the competition day). If more than one child under the age of 2 will be entering the venue, tickets must be purchased for every child exceeding the above limit (one child per one ticket holder).This will also apply for venues without seats.
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Re: Age restriction to enter olimpics venues 2019/5/9 23:42
Could you believe me that i didnt read that part =/
Its not rude and i really apreciatte the help you provide me! you clear a doubt i had!
Thanks for your time!
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