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Japan Visa in Canada 2019/5/10 09:30
Hello there. I am currently living in Canada and wanted to get a Japan visa here before my trip to the Philippines. I was wondering if it is possible to apply for a Japan visa here in Canada but my itinerary trip would be starting from Philippines and ending in Philippines. I just want to include Japan during my 5 weeks stay there. Im planning to do a 1 week vacation in Japan and the rest is in my country.

This is my first time applying for it, a little information goes a long way. Thank you so much. Godbless!
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Re: Japan Visa in Canada 2019/5/10 15:16
It depends on your nationality if you even need a visa. As Canadian citizen you can come to Japan and you get a stamp into your passport at the boarder. No visa application needed.
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Re: Japan Visa in Canada 2019/5/11 08:59
Based on the material in your question, you probably need (guessing):
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