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What to wear in May in Hokkaido? 2019/5/10 10:55
Hi all,

My self drive trip is coming up from 19 May to 29 May. I will be covering Nobo, Lake Toya, Hakodate, Niseko, Otaru, Asahikawa, Sounkyo, Furano, Biei and Sapporo. Is the temperature now very cold? i've checked on google but is not sure if there is a more accurate weather forecast website for Japan?

Can we just wear tees with long pants and a jacket? Any need for a beanie? what about shoes? Thanks!

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Re: What to wear in May in Hokkaido? 2019/5/13 23:04
Not sure where you are from, but as I am from Ontario, Canada, my tolerance for cooler weather is greater. As I am also planning my trip for later this year I rely on accuweather (go on their Japan page). They do have pretty decent weather forecasts for cities and towns in Hokkaido.
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Re: What to wear in May in Hokkaido? 2019/5/14 03:02
Well, I recommend that you have some flexibility in the clothing and prepare for sharp fluctuations in the temperature.

From late spring to early summer, depending on weather conditions, Hokkaido is not always the coolest region during the daytime.
In some very rare but real cases in recent years, the temperature in Hokkaido rose sharpy and recorded the daytime highest (!!) in the country (, on 2018/6/4 (early June) at the observation point of Obihiro, for example).

Japan Meteorological Agency: Daily Forecasts:
Iburi / Hidaka
Oshima / Hiyama
Ishikari / Sorachi / Shiribeshi
Kamikawa / Rumoi

Meteorological offices of JMA announce daily forecasts for Hokkaido by subprefectures.
Hokkaido Prefecture now has 14 subprefectures.
Subprefecture: Places
Iburi: Toyako;
Oshima: Hakodate;
Shiribeshi: Niseko, Otaru;
Kamikawa: Asahikawa (Sounkyo), Furano, Biei.
Ishikari: Sapporo.

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Re: What to wear in May in Hokkaido? 2019/5/14 16:20
Hi Village mayor and Omotenashi, thank you both for taking the time to help me with my queries. My trip is coming up very soon and I am very excited! btw, I am from Singapore. Best wishes to both of you.
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