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How long to walk Todoroki Valley? 2019/5/10 13:58

Have around 2 hours to burn in Shibuya, and would like to check out Todoroki Valley for some nature sightseeing. How long is the route, and is 2 hrs enough? Do I need to walk back to Todoroki Station after going through the valley (which would mean 2x the time)? Or can I take a different train station at the end?

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Re: How long to walk Todoroki Valley? 2019/5/10 15:14
A quick look at google maps tells me that you need about 20 min by subway to Todoroki (itfs not close to Shibuya) and The Valley itself is about a 10 min walk. So you could probably spend a leisurely 30 - 40 min in The Valley before taking the subway back.

If I were in Shibuya and looking for some nature I would go to
1) Meiji jingu & Yoyogi Park
2) Shinjuku gyoen
3) institute for nature in Meguro.

But I am sure The Valley is nice. Just have a look at a map to see how small it is.

Enjoy your stay in Tokyo!
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