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Amputee to onsen 2019/5/10 16:25
Good day all forum users,
My mum & I are onsen enthusiast duo who frequently go to Japan for onsen experience, so far she love Kusatsu & Kinosaki the most.
Last year was hard for her because she had mastectomy for breast cancer, she lost her right breast. Now she is recovering and I wonder if she can enjoy onsen again, just like before.
At past, I encountered some ladies with huge scars on their bodies while bathing in onsen, but does an amputee is welcome to take bath together? Will my mumfs condition make other uncomfortable?
I understand there are some private baths in some famous onsen, but I just want to make sure everything is ok before we go.
Thank you very much for your kind attention.
by miaw (guest)  

Re: Amputee to onsen 2019/5/10 17:13
It is fine. I have seen Japanese ladies with mastectomy as well.
Tattoo is a no-go (generally), scars however are your life story. They are not frowned upon. There is no requirement to be beautiful in an onsen.

All the best for the continuation of the recovery to your mother!

Enjoy the soak!
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Re: Amputee to onsen 2019/5/10 18:18
Thank you for your kind reply, LikeBike-san! :)
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Re: Amputee to onsen 2019/5/10 20:58
At many onsens people go there for ailments so this is not a problem
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Re: Amputee to onsen 2019/5/20 21:31

@ miaw
I know someone who had mastectomy years ago, and have been visiting onsen hundred of times since. She might feel a bit apprehension initially, but has enjoyed every moment since, never experienced any issue, and never encountered any problem.
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