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Government Issued ID Required 2019/5/10 16:49
So il be heading to Tokyo in November 2019, I booked my hotel, but they require me to submit a Government Issued ID when I check in, is this from my Country or from Japan, as I don't reside in Japan.

I did email the hotel to ask about this, I would have heavy anxiety if they have to hold onto my passport during my travels, why would hotels needs this?

When I asked them if they can make a copy of my passport they said this wont be possible, so im a bit baffled, the last time I was in Tokyo I didn't have this issue, but I guess every hotel is diffirent in what they require, unless im looking at it the wrong way.

any input would be welcome
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Re: Government Issued ID Required 2019/5/10 16:57
Umm... they will need to see your passport and they will make a copy of it. But they canft keep it because you need to bring it with you 24/7.
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Re: Government Issued ID Required 2019/5/10 17:04
You must show your (original) passport at check-in. Unfortunately, many hotels are misinformed and will insist that they must photocopy it or they won't let you check in. That's illegal, but when you're just trying to check-in and go to bed you're not in the mood to argue that (however, feel free to notify the relevant authorities after the fact). I have never encountered an hotel that wanted to keep the passport however, that would be outrageous, and in particular it would cause you to break the law since you must always have your passport with you.

So if the hotel is telling you that you must give them some ID that they will keep, tell them that's illegal and report them if they insist (and go elsewhere).
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Re: Government Issued ID Required 2019/5/10 17:13
Perhaps a miscommunication. Have stayed over dozens of hotels over the years and every one of them only requested the passport to make a copy. The passport is then returned back. Its a requirement to carry your passport at all times. Also for duty free shopping.
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Re: Government Issued ID Required 2019/5/10 19:50
Hey Guys,

Thanks for all the replies guys, much appreciated, I managed to get in contact with them again.

I think they read my email totally wrong, but its a huge misunderstanding, I was also shocked at first, thinking I need to keep my passport at all times with me incase authorities want to ask for it, which has happened in the past.

But they have confirmed, and like you guys say, they will only need it to confirm and make a copy and give it back.

LOL, my anxiety slightly spiked, but luckily its all good now, imagine not being able to keep ur passport with you, gosh I would not enjoy my holiday.
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