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Studio Ghibli Ticket? 2019/5/10 22:02
I waited and waited for the 10th so the tickets would go on sale, and they are already sold out for June. I dunno how this could be, I got up early and everything so I could book but they are all gone. My husband and I will be in Japan June 10th through the 27th and this is the only time we will ever see Japan. I was wondering if anyone there that has a ticket would sell to us, considering you can go anytime you want? We will never get there again...ever. Please someone be willing to sell us your tickets? T.T
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Re: Studio Ghibli Ticket? 2019/5/11 08:47

First, the bad news... There is no resale of tickets. All tickets purchased are bought for/by a specific person and they will be ID checked.

Now the good news.. if you're desperate and you want to go you can do the official JTB tour. It does have availability June 10-27, but you need to get the tour ASAP.


It's expensive, but it is a guaranteed ticket to the the Ghibli Museum. Personally, I thought the museum was disappointing. But if you need to go, this is your only option.

Good luck!
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Re: Studio Ghibli Ticket? 2019/5/11 09:14
Dont tickets begin selling 3 months in advance?
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Re: Studio Ghibli Ticket? 2019/5/11 09:58
Thanks, yea that is a bit much considering the original price, and they limit you to 2 hours there, so dunno if they visit the museum near the end of the tour of the beginning, or if we could slip and stay at Ghibli til closing. But thanks a lot for the information, I really appreciate it ^^
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Re: Studio Ghibli Ticket? 2019/5/11 10:51
Some offices of JTB sell tickets 3 months out. I am not sure of non-USA offices, but USA offices currently only sell tickets 3 months out if you also buy a rail pass or some other more costly experience. They are really pushing the expensive Japan I Can Tour I linked to in the US. I can't speak for JTBs in other countries.

On May 10th the Lawson Tickets went on sale. You have to be fast and on at the correct time. I asked my hotel concierge to do this method last year for me. You get an assigned time and you must have your correct name on the ticket since they Passport check!

And finally for those with money and desperation there is the Japan I Can tour. It gives you 2.5 hours in the museum which if you're not trying to eat there is really more than enough time. It's really annoying that the tour is being pushed so much since it doesn't offer vegetarian options and if you get tickets on your own there are plenty of vegetarian restaurants you can go to in Shinjuku, Kichijoji and Nakano. JTB tried to convince me to do the tour last year and I was not pleased.

The Museum is at the end, so you're not going to get in earlier.
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Re: Studio Ghibli Ticket? 2019/5/11 18:23
I managed to get tickets through a 3rd party (voyagin) successfully in April. It was significantly more expensive, however Ghibli was an absolute must for me, so no regrets, I bit the bullet and went for it.

You may need to explore these kinds of websites that offer either tours or tickets for a higher price.
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Re: Studio Ghibli Ticket? 2019/5/11 23:35

Here is a listing of all the possible ways. Do not do resale only do an authorized seller because they do check Passports. It took us 15-20 minutes just to get in because they checked every single Passport, including on kid's tickets.
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Re: Studio Ghibli Ticket? 2019/5/22 23:12
Oh! I just found this tour from Willer Bus


It should be on the up and up since Willer is a well known Japanese bus company. It's only 3900 yen so a veritable bargain compared to most of the other tours I've seen and probably cheaper than trying last minute tickets through an authorized reseller.

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