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JR pass vs JR Tokyo wide pass 2019/5/10 23:29
Hello, hope someone can answer my questions as Ifm planning to order JR pass online for my 7 days trip in Tokyo, but when I check this website for the fare calculator, it says JR pass for 7 days does not pay off my trip?

Not sure if I should get the JR pass for 7 days or JR wide pass for 3 days and pay the rest of the transport?

Day 1: Haneda airport to Karuizawa (stay in Karuizawa)
Day 2: Karuizawa (staying in Yotsuya, Tokyo)
Day 3: Kamakura (staying in Shinjuku)
Day 4: Kawaguchiko (Kawaguchiko hotel)
Day 5: Kawaguchiko (Kawaguchiko hotel)
Day 6: Tokyo (Ueno hotel)
Day 7: Tokyo to Haneda airport

Many thanks!!
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Re: JR pass vs JR Tokyo wide pass 2019/5/11 08:55
Do not get the 7-day pass - not even close. You are not doing any long distance travel. If the three calendar days of the Tokyo Wide pass works (you only have one night there before returning to Tokyo), you can get that, it will save some money for you.

For Kawaguchiko some people recommend the bus if you are after a cheap transport option.
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Re: JR pass vs JR Tokyo wide pass 2019/5/11 09:03
7day JRP will never pay off for this.
For the 3 day Tokyo wide pass, note that it is 3 consecutive days! Check it out if it pays off. I could imagine that it could only pay off if you move around Karuizawa and Kamakura, so that karuizawa and Kawaguchiko is in your 3 days.

Alternatively just get a pastor/silica card and pay conveniently for each single trip.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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Re: JR pass vs JR Tokyo wide pass 2019/5/11 09:48
Thank you very much for your reply! It gives me some idea what I can do, didnft expect any answer so quick! Really appreciate it! Ifll seek help from the info counter in case I buy wrong tickets!
I almost order the JR pass online yesterday, lucky me!! Thank you so much!
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