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Sake bottle temple 2019/5/11 22:01
I went to Japan back in fall of 2015 and bought a bottle which I had actually no idea was Japanese sake. It came with those small sake cups. I mostly thought the bottle was a nice looking from the temple I visited.

After ocming back home, I put it away and recently when preparing to move to a new location, the bottle was found.

According to the note on the bottle it's 180 ml. It's stored in a small porcelain bottle with a cork sealing the opening tight.

I have no idea how long sake can be stored before getting bad.

Hard question maybe but any idea if this might be safe to drink? I thought I might have something to toast with after moving.
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Re: Sake bottle temple 2019/5/12 08:19
It is unlikely to be unsafe. However, it may not taste good anymore. It mainly depends on the type of sake and the temperature the bottle was exposed to over the past years. If it was exposed to warm or hot temperatures, the taste is likely to be rather bad by now. If it is pasteurized (most sake is) and was stored in a cool, dark place, then the taste may still be okay. If the kanji 生 is written on the label, you want to pour it down the drain. It means that it is unpasteurized and will go bad relatively quickly.
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Re: Sake bottle temple 2019/5/13 01:46
Thank you Uji for your kind answer.

I took a picture of the bottle. I could not find any of that kanji on it though.

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