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Ramen or Cup of Noodles Museum? 2019/5/12 03:38
I have been to the Ramen Museum and thoroughly enjoyed it and might consider visiting again simply to sample some of the other ramen varieties. I have not been to the Cup Of Noodles Museum and might consider visiting it. The title for this inquiry is what I would have wondered if I had NOT been to the Ramen Museum, but I would still like some advice and additional opinions. I have found online that some people had negative opinions on the Ramen Museum and some thought the Cup Of Noodles Museum was more of a marketing ploy, kind of like a museum for Hershey's Co. in the US, or Nestle in Switzerland (for food), or the actual Omega Watches Museum in Switzerland (which did have interesting information about the historical watch brand). When I visited the Ramen Museum last year I was staying in Yokohama, so I did not need to shuttle back to Tokyo on the same day. I am thinking of doing the same arrangement if I visit the Ramen Museum again and stop in the Cup Of Noodles Museum. I would also like to know how far apart(in miles preferably) the two museums are, and to downtown Yokohama near the waterfront, where I stayed last year. If the Cup of Noodle Museum is recommended then I would consider staying in Yokohama for 3-4 nights rather than 2-3 nights. Last year was the first time I have visited Yokohama, and I do like the city.
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Re: Ramen or Cup of Noodles Museum? 2019/5/12 09:13
Cup Noodle Museum is a museum (display) with an area where (with reservations) you can make one.
Ramen museum is a place where you pay to get in, queue (sometimes for a very long time) and then pay to eat ramen - you can do that on pretty much any town/locale in Japan. The old style setting is ok, but if you want a nostalgia museum, why not go to one of those - there are several.

If I was going to seek out ramen, I wouldn't go to the ramen museum. There are many different variations and regional specialities, but often you can get those throughout Yokohama/Tokyo. And, ramen is quite personal, I personally like miso base and some spice with it. My friend who runs her own ramen blog prefers salt or soy, and certainly no chilli. Finding a good store or chain is pretty useful and I have places around the country that I know will deliver a good quality ramen to suit me (and recently the tastiest ramen (for me) in a small shop in Sendai). Experimenting with other types - much wider than the range in the ramen museum is also part of the joy of sampling different food.

Cup noodle to Ramen museum is about 5km/3 miles in a straight line. You would be going Sakuragicho to Shin-Yokohama. Both could be done easily in a day (or even an afternoon).
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Re: Ramen or Cup of Noodles Museum? 2019/5/12 13:31
The Cupnoodles Museum is right on the waterfront and next to Minato Mirai, where you'll find a lot of other interesting museums and other attractions in the same area (https://whereintokyo.com/dbinx/ra-yoko.html ). It's a fun experience, with some hands-on activities, and they actually have a decent food court, featuring noodle dishes from around the world (or at least they did a few years back when I visited).

Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum, on the other hand, is in a less interesting area in terms of stuff to see. The two museums are around 35-40 minutes apart if you travel by public transportation. (I took a cab between them once and it wasn't any faster.)
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Re: Ramen or Cup of Noodles Museum? 2019/5/12 18:11
I took my parents to the Cup Noodle museum a couple of years ago when I used to live in Yokohama. The museum itself is a good 15-20 minute walk through which is interesting but not life changing. I would not go out of my way just to see this museum - but I will say that making your own cup noodles is highly fun especially if you are with other people and it's not on a weekend.
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Re: Ramen or Cup of Noodles Museum? 2019/6/6 12:07
I would only go to the Cup of Noodles Museum for the novelty and a short period fun.
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