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Traveling home around Obon week 2019/5/12 19:02
I am leaving from Tokyo back home on the 11th of August this year. I heard the public transport might be highly affected around the 10th, would 11th be affected as well?

My flight departs at 11 in the morning from Haneda airport.

Will I be affected?
by Mie (guest)  

Re: Traveling home around Obon week 2019/5/13 11:15
Well, trains might be a bit fuller, but as long as you buy your plane ticket upfront I canft imagine any problem. The trains arenft going to be that full that you canft board them. And none of the trains to haneda are reservation only.

I travelled several times in HW in Japan and feel that all this goh, itfs going to be crazily , overwhelmingly packed g is propaganda. Yes, train stations, airports are more busy than on your average day, but still totally manageable.

Enjoy your trip home!
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