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Worried about Obon week 2019/5/12 21:39
As I wanted to see some festivals up in Tohoku area around the beginning of August and flight rates are quite high around 8th -10th of August the best day of returning was either 11th or 12th of August. Staying any longer might break my budget.

Would 11th or 12th be better if leaving from Tokyo Haneda international airport?

What is the situation like in Tokyo on the days prior to this? I do not plan on visiting Tokyo Disneyland or so but I don't want to be staying at the hotel area only all days. I guess doing daytrips from Tokyo might be very crowded?
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Re: Worried about Obon week 2019/5/13 11:18
The one (and only) thing I would worry about is accommodation in Tohoku in those places with festivals. Otherwise I think this fame of crowdedness is a myth. Most Japanese just go to their hometown or maybe have a picnic somewhere.

Enjoy your trip to Tohoku!
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Re: Worried about Obon week 2019/5/13 17:30
Thanks for the reply :)

Yes. I noticed Aomori city was fully booked out around early August. Maybe staying near the area or Hakodate would suffice?
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