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Wisteria flowers in Kanazawa city 2019/5/13 11:49

I am currently living in Kanazawa. I would really like to see some Wisteria flowers, but I don't have much free time to invest in going to Komatsu or Hakusan. Does anybody know if I could find some of these in Kanazawa city?

Thank you in advance!
by Ferreret  

Re: Wisteria flowers in Kanazawa city 2019/5/13 18:09
Kenrokuen Garden 兼六園(Kenroku-en)

Wisteria flower = 藤(fuji), white one is 白藤(shiro fuji/shira fuji).

Fuji is also the same as "Sakura", and is often planted in schools, temples, shrines, and large garden houses.
You should ask the lady a question at a local supermarket etc.

This tweet w/pics taken at "Kanazawa shrine/金沢神社 -jinja", same site of Kenrokuen.

If you want to ask questions in Japanese, just say this.
Copy to below for pronunciation check, Micro版(-ban/.ver) is smaller sound file, but no different.
= Sumimasen, kono chikaku de fuji no hana wo mirareru osusume no basho wa arimasen ka?
= Excuse me, is there a recommend/best place where I can see the wisteria flowers near here?
It may be easier to remember if you change "速さ(hayasa/speed)" to slower "80" fr 100(normal).
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