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15 days itinerary 2019/5/14 20:24
I am putting together an itinerary and wondering if Is this doable, any help would be great.
15.7 arrive in Tokyo
16.7 Tokyo
17.7 Mt Fuji hike
18.7 descend Mt Fuji and back to Tokyo
19.7 Tokyo
20.7 Hakone
21.7 Takayama
22.7 Takayama
23.7 Kanazawa
24.7 Kyoto
25.7 Kyoto
26.7 Kyoto
27.7 Kyoto
28.7 Osaka
29.7 Osaka
Please note that Tokyyo Kyoto and Osaka will be bases for side trips etc.
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Re: 15 days itinerary 2019/5/14 22:33
Are you ok to handle heat in the 30s Celsius and high humidity? If not, cut back a lot on Kyoto/osaka and look to transfer that time into cooler areas, e.g. Nikki, karuizawa, kamikochi, maybe enoshima.
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