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Divorce Notification issue 2019/5/15 00:34
So here's my situation.

I left Japan May 2017 after my wife at that time wanted a break and was talking of a divorce (so yea, her way of kicking me out). I didn't give my zairyou card to the immigration staff at the airport because I wasn't prepared to give up on my marriage and was hoping to come back and fix it without the hassle of getting a new visa again.

A few months later, after trying it looked like a losing battle so eventually I gave her what she wanted - a divorce. She came to Australia to personally talk and apologise to my family and me and we signed the rikontodoke (divorce papers) here and then left for Japan to register it around October that same year.

So here I am with 90% of my personal belongings/assets still at my now ex-wife's house and the only way to get them was to go back and get them myself, as well talk to her family and apologise as she had done for mine.

Now December 2017 came and I'm at the airport in Japan, I told immigration my situation and that I wanted a tourist visa and not use my zairyou card to come back into Japan as I have just been divorced and I'm only back to get my things and tie up loose ends, but the staff said it's ok to come back on my zairyou card since I still had about 3 months left on it which is the same as a tourist visa and I won't be working and will go home after all is finished. I accepted this decision and entered in Japan, newly divorced, on my then current zairyou card.

Now here's the issue, I didn't know I had to notify immigration that I got a divorce (oh the regret!) within 2 weeks of the divorce being registered. Also because I was in Australia at the time, it was kinda hard to go to the local immigration office to do so.

If I had known and was well informed, I would've done it when I went back in December (even though it's wayyy past the two weeks period).

My question is, now that I'm getting married again to another Japanese national (I will enter Japan on a tourist visa and go the Change of Status of Residency route) , will my failure to notify immigration of my divorce affect my application?

I could tell them what I just said in this post but that would be difficult with my poor conversational level Japanese.

Awaiting your replies and advices.

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Re: Divorce Notification issue 2019/5/15 07:18
You ex-wife may have notified immigration for your status change.

I'd call the Japanese embassy in Canberra and ask them you questions. As yours if a unique situation.
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Re: Divorce Notification issue 2019/5/15 08:24
although you are so cautious, I think your problem is that repeating marriages and divorces with Japanese nationals in a short term is one of red signals for "spouse visa (status)".
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Re: Divorce Notification issue 2019/5/15 08:38
Immigration has also a phone number and English speaking staff.
You could give a call and explain the situation

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Re: Divorce Notification issue 2019/5/15 10:35
Isnft it abit too late to do that? Since hefs out of the country and his visa is finished. And he only had a few months left of his spouse visa from the time the divorce was registered until expiration date.

OP - why donft you put that post in a letter form and have it translated to Japanese stating your unique situation. Also at the end add in that you are very sorry and about your mental state/depression (?) and that your ex wife said she was going to do everything in Japan in regards to the divorce so you wonft have to since youfre in Australia.

Just speculating here but something along those lines I suspect.
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Re: Divorce Notification issue 2019/5/15 10:43
What happened after you visited in December 2017? If you turned in your Resident Card upon leaving Japan at the end of that stay, theyfd know that youfve given up that status.
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Re: Divorce Notification issue 2019/5/15 10:47
Thanks all for your replies

Giedo - good idea I think instead of me trying to explain with my poor Japanese on the day I get asked

Ken - we have been seeing each other since December 2017. So after my divorce and during my visit to get all my things from my ex-wifefs place. Wefre planning to marry in September 2019. I donft think thatfs short. We have pics of my multiple visits. Also videos and pics of my proposal to her. Pics with her family and our LINE chat history as proof that we talk everyday when we are apart. This is real.

I know itfs up to immigrations discretion so every bit of evidence is vital.
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Re: Divorce Notification issue 2019/5/15 10:55
AK - yes of course I handed in my zairyu card to immigration when I left Japan. Also since it was going to expire soon anyway.

I think thatfs why they let me in on my zairyu card in Dec 2017 in the first place despite already being divorced at the time. I wasnft going to work, I was just back for awhile to get my things, say goodbye to friends, talk to her family and apologise. Basically tie up loose ends for closure since I left Japan on May 2017 with just the clothes on my back and didnft tell anyone.
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