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Breaking a work agreement 2019/5/15 03:13
Hi. I have got a government job which is with high pay and I have signed for a 3 year contract but unfortunately my health is not supproting with the climate conditions here. Is there any chance to cancel my agreement?? What are the consequences, if I break the contract?? Please let me know, your answer will be very helpful for me,
thanks in advance.
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Re: Breaking a work agreement 2019/5/15 08:27
if you want to quit your job, you can do it. in this case, you are not healthy, you just say that you go home to your country to heal it.
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Re: Breaking a work agreement 2019/5/15 08:40
This should be discussed with your work, since you have a contract, which may be stated the way of canceling your work. If you do not understand your contract you need to talk with your boss or human resource department.

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Re: Breaking a work agreement 2019/5/15 13:18
Yes please discuss it with your employer – standard contract might have 1 month notice period for terminating your contract (by law if you give notice you can leave in 2 weeks I believe). They might ask you to stay a bit until they find a replacement, but thatfs up to them and your discussions with them.

Consequences: you say your health and the climate here donft agree, so I assume you will be leaving Japan soon. So you wonft have any issue with the employer notifying the immigration authorities (as they must, just like yourself) and the immigration authorities gpossiblyh voiding your resident status. The company gmighth ask you to reimburse certain expenses theyfve incurred for bringing you onboard, but thatfs also up to your discussions with them.

Certainly you can terminate a contract for health reason – best wishes.
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Re: Breaking a work agreement 2019/5/16 00:55
Other factor is if the company you work for in Japan paid for your move to the country e.g. rent, travel, food etc for relocation check what the terms are for repayment. Most companies have a 12 month period of if you leave within the first 12 months you have to pay back what they spent.
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