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10-D Itenerary Tokyo Kanazawa Takayama Hakone 2019/5/15 07:07
Hi there, I'm putting together a Itenerary for my trip at the end of October (22-31 to be exact). Just for some background, my 4th time to Japan, my wifes 2nd. We did much of the recommended touristy locations and have been to Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Himeji, Kobe, Nara. We'll leave our main luggage at our hotel in Tokyo as we'll return back to the same hotel before we leave.

22nd(Tues): Tokyo -Arrive Early Morning at HND (Staying Hyatt Regency Shinjuku 3 nights). Shinjuku/Shibuya/Harajuku
23rd(Wed): Tokyo (Toyosu, Ginza, Asakusa)
24th(Thurs):Tokyo (Odaiba, other recommened places)
25th(Fri):Kanazawa- Early Shinkansen from Tokyo to try and have 2/3 of day in Kanazawa. Overnight in Kanazawa
26th(Sat): Shirakawago & Takayama - Early Morning bus to Shirakawago (spend 2.5 to 3 hours) then bus to Takayama for 1/2 a day sights. Stay overnight at ryokan (Looking at Honjin Hiranoya Bekkan, anyone have any exp?)
27th(Sun): Takayama (1/2 a day sights) then 4.25hr trip to Odawara/Hakone Yumoto. Overnight in Hakone Ryokan (Looking at Gora Hanaougi or Gora Hanaougi Madoka no Mori, opinions?). Hakone Free Pass Inside Free Area, Shinjuku RT not needed with JR Rail pass)
28th (Mon): Hakone Sights and Head back to Tokyo (Back to Hyatt Regency for 3 nights)
29th(Tues): Tokyo (DisneySea)
30th(Wed): Yokohama Day Trip
31st(Thurs):Tokyo (Depart in Evening HND)

Will probably get the Japan Rail pass (7-day) from my calcs I should come out ahead. My wife and I are fairly quick travelers, as in she dosn't need a super long time at every tourist site, but she does like her breaks/rest time. My wife never got to stay in a ryokan and have a proper kaiseki so I planned to have a couple experiences in Takayama and Hakone Ryokans. There is a possibility my wife might be pregnant during our trip, planning on having a 2nd child soon (1st one will not be coming with us), so I didn't want to overwhelm her either.
Does the itenerary seem reasonable?
Should I allocate more time to Takayama or Kanazawa?
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Re: 10-D Itenerary Tokyo Kanazawa Takayama Hakone 2019/5/15 11:39
Are you sure a seven day pass pay off. I cannot see Tokyo to Kanazawa and Takayama to Odawara totalling more than 29,XXX yen.
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Re: 10-D Itenerary Tokyo Kanazawa Takayama Hakone 2019/5/15 12:03
If I include all the other minor travel around Tokyo, itfs almost a wash. Probably just breaking even or slightly ahead.
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