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Shintenoji or Kobo-san flea market 2019/5/15 10:46
I will be in Osaka on the 21st and travelling to Kyoto in the early afternoon.

I will like to ask what's the difference between Shintenoji flea market (Osaka) and Kobo-san flea market in Toji-Temple (Kyoto)

And if it is recommended to go either one or both? Thank you.
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Re: Shintenoji or Kobo-san flea market 2019/5/16 00:14
I have never been to the one in Osaka, but I go to the one at Toji in Kyoto if I am in the area. I have been to all flea market in Kyoto, and the one at Toji and another one at Kitano-tenmangu (on 25th of every month) are probably the biggest and attracts lots of people. They sell everything from knickers to antiques, plus street food.
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