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Two weeks in Nagoya to Osaka during NYE 2019/5/15 17:11
Hey guys,

I will be travelling with my 72 year old mom and two of my nephews (four and seven year olds) and two other adults. We will spend about two weeks travelling around Kansai, so I would like to know if my itinerary is doable.

Nagoya 3 days

1 Day: Nagoya castle (optional)

1 Day: Toyota museum

1 Day: Railway museum

Takayama & Shirakawago 2 days


2 Days: Kyoto - Kiyomizudera (East), Fushimi Inari (South), Kinkakuji (North)

Optional: Kyoto Railway Museum (Closed 30 Dec-1 Jan)

1 Day: Kurashiki

1 Day: Universal Studios (Open everyday)

1 Day: Nara (Optional)

1 Day: Kobe & Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

(Maiko Marine Promenade Closed 29-31 Dec)

1 Day: Kaiyukan aquarium (Open everyday)

I will be there from December 22nd, 2019 to Jan 5th, 2020.

What concerns me is I don't know when to go any of these places because I understand many places around Japan are closed during NYE and tend to reopen after new year. More importantly, I want to go there for a bit of retail therapy as well, but I don't know if when the shops will be closed.

I also would like to know if there is anything to do Takayama & Shirakawag if we were to stay there for more than two days. Will two days between these two cities be more than enough? If I go during NYE, will the town between be closed and nothing to explore?

Please advise

by Zarut (guest)  

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