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Guarantor vs Supporter? Difference? 2019/5/15 19:15
Hi All,

What's the difference between them? I'm currently filling out my Change of Status of Resident (tourist visa to spouse visa) and on pages 2 and 3 it's confusing me.


No. 20 (1)&(2) states method of support and I want to tick supporter in Japan-(grandmother-pensioner) and an amount of support per month to fill in. As well as filling in Carrying cash from abroad (my savings) which I would fill out how much (100,000yen enough???). Then there's the name of individual carrying cash, yours truly of course, but the date and time of carrying cash part I don't understand - do I just put a random date and time? what? weird question this one.

Last, fill out on page 3 No. 21 Supporter section my wife's grandmother's details and No. 22 my father in law as a guarantor (along with the letter of guarantee)


No. 20 (1)&(2) method of support, tick guarantor and use my wife's grandmother for this (note, the father in law won't be used anymore for this option) and fill in how much will support me per month (100,000yen enough???). Also tick carrying cash from abroad which would be my savings, which again i'm confused about the date and time of carrying cash part lol

On page 3 No. 21 I won't have to fill in supporter section and only No. 22 the guarantor part which as stated above (OPTION 2) is my wife's grandmother

Appreciate your replies all.



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