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Child Birth Gift 2019/5/15 22:18
Do you have any idea on child birth gift in Tokyo Adachi-Ku& Kyoto?

I heard that after you a child birth and register it to the city , you can receive a cash gift for the city hall.
Is it first baby what gift can I receive? (BTW My husband is a Japanese)

Can I still receive the said child birth gift even thought I gave birth out side japan but register it either in Tokyo or Kyoto?

Please give me some idea regarding 出産お祝い金制度。

Thank you
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Re: Child Birth Gift 2019/5/16 12:00
Only children of Japanese nationality.
Is your Child Japanese nationality and born outside Japan you can apply for the gift.

Go to the city all and ask for the gift procedure
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Re: Child Birth Gift 2019/5/16 12:44
Only children of Japanese nationality.
Not entirely correct.

It is not just for Japanese national, as long as you are registered/paid into Japan health insurance ( Kokumin or shakai) you can claim the lump-sum childbirth allowance.

HOWEVER, there are some criteria you need to fulfill which you need to check and clarify with the city/ward where you a resident of.

SO best check with your city or your husband company HR (insurance) ...
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Re: Child Birth Gift 2019/5/16 14:16
By @

you are right. My mistake.
Health insurance, and legal status are required.
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Re: Child Birth Gift 2019/5/16 14:29
I am married to a Japanese, and planning give birth to our child in my country.

I am paying for my own health insurance,
My contract will end next year March. And I am planning to get my lump sum tax as I go back to my own country.

Even though I get my lumpsum tax,, am I available to receive a child birth gift as we register our baby to japan embassy???
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Re: Child Birth Gift 2019/5/16 15:19
From my understanding of your last post, you'll be moving out of Japan and won't have resident status of anymore. Therefore won't be paying insurance/pension/tax.

If that is the case, then you most probably won't be able to claim the childbirth allowance.

Again, please clarify and double check with relevant authority such as city hall/insurance people.

Ask you husband to check.

And this might be of interest for you

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Re: Child Birth Gift 2019/5/16 19:58
I don't think she's talking about the childbirth allowance that each city gives to cover the cost of giving birth to a child in a hospital, but rather the extra gift that some cities give for children birthed in that city to encourage people to have kids. However, not all cities have such a thing, and it's not always cash. In my city, for example, they give you a free sapling to plant that you can choose. Another city in my prefecture gives cash only for 3+ children, and another does give cash for the first child but only to people who have been living in the city for 10 years before having children. So it really, really varies!

In order to receive the gift in my city, you must be registered as a resident with city hall and paying resident taxes, but it's not limited to Japanese only. I think this is usually the case. You'll need to be an actual resident of that city to receive anything. If you went overseas specifically to have the child and then are coming back to your home and register the baby, you could probably receive the gift if your city has one at all, but otherwise I can't really see them allowing it. But it's best to call city hall directly and ask, because as I said each city is going to be different.

Good luck and congratulations!
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Re: Child Birth Gift 2019/5/16 22:46
Thank you you for the clarification. My bad.
It seems OP does talking about childbirth gift money, not the allowance to offset childbirth cost.

@ OP
Question still point to resident status and length of registered resident of the city.
Check with your local city hall, as each have their own requirement.

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