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Where can I buy a couch/sofa like this? 2019/5/15 23:35
I'm looking for a couch like this. Doesn't have to be as large as this one but the depth should be the same.
It is great as you can put the loose piece inside the couch so it will create a closed area that is very big.
I'm sorry it is a German page so might take a bit to load.

I searched all Rakuten and IKEA, as well as Amazon. But I can only find one couch system that can be build together that is similar but it is either too small or to large. Because the parts are not even.
Otherwise I thought of a sofa-bed but they lack in depth.

I'm very grateful for your input!
by WortPirat  

Re: Where can I buy a couch/sofa like this? 2019/5/16 20:02
I've seen similar couches at Costco, but like almost all Costco items, they come and go. So you might have to check every few months to see if something like that comes in again.
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Re: Where can I buy a couch/sofa like this? 2019/6/8 22:23
I ended up buying one from IKEA. They now have two options. I picked Vallentuna.
I found you could also have one made by a local store. But only if you have a LOT of money ^^.
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