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WHV visa for Japan denied 2019/5/16 21:02
Ifm a British citizen and Ifve just returned to the UK after a year away travelling. I wanted to apply for a WHV for Japan, and on going to the embassy I was told that because Ifve been out of the country i donft meet the prerequisites of being a UK resident. So not able to apply. Has anyone else had this experience? Is it worth putting the application in anyway even though they said it will probably be denied?
by Harry (guest)  

Re: WHV visa for Japan denied 2019/5/17 10:07
Please read the eligibility terms - I believe you need to have "resided" in your country for a certain period of time before you can apply. So better to wait until that time passes, and apply when you are eligible.
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Re: WHV visa for Japan denied 2019/5/19 01:54
I understand that. I was hoping someone might have some information on where to find the definition of gresident in the UKh that the embassy uses. Or if anyone had been told this and applied anyway? I was told that I wasnft classed as a resident as I have been away for the last year, however I was then told that if I went back to the embassy at the end of summer in a couple of months itfs more likely that it would be accepted. I canft find any information to corroborate this and donft want to waste any further time travelling back and forth to an embassy if Ifm going to be told different information every time.
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Re: WHV visa for Japan denied 2019/5/19 06:11
According to a very simple google search. To be a resident of the UK. You must have resided in the UK for 183 or more days in the past year.

So maybe the advice you have been given is to return once you have been back in the UK for the 183 days?
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