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Questions about quitting my job 2019/5/17 13:44

After working 10 years for the same employer, I will start working in a new company from July. So, I will leave my company end of June. Since I have to announce my resignation according to my contract one month in advance, I am planning to do so next week. However, I have some questions:

1. Regarding the bonus, it is paid in my company twice a year in December and end of June. So I would assume I have the right to get the bonus payment end of June, but is it somehow possible for my employer to reject to pay this bonus? I am concerned that my boss might be very angry about only announcing my resignation one month in advance (as stipulated in my contract), although I made this decision already months ago.

2. I have 20 vacation days per year, is it correct to assume that if I quit end of June, I should have the right to take 10 of them?

3. I would like to take the rest of my vacation days end of June, so that my last day in the office would be around the 20th. Can my employer force me to take the vacation days earlier so that I stay until the end of the month?

Hope someone can answer me these questions, so that I know about everything, when announcing my retirement.
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Re: Questions about quitting my job 2019/5/17 16:41
bonus is not a salary. they can stop, reduce, or pay in full amount.
the contract says that you have to say your quitting one month before, at least. but, you can say it earlier. by doing this way, they can find a new person, instead of you. that is an ordinary process by which everybody can leave the company. peacefully and smoothly. (one month earlier notification may be enough to leave the company legally, even when you make troubles with them.)

about vacation days, 有給, we don't know how they calculate it. you should ask the company.
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Re: Questions about quitting my job 2019/5/17 16:48

1. If you leave your company according your contract you would not have any problems with the company. If you made your decision months ago why you did not inform your boss more in advance, unless you did not had an official contract with your new employer.

Bonus is paid according your performance and stay. If you leave earlier you would get less.
However, if there is no agreement regarding bonuses between labor and management than it would be possible you do not get paid. This one you should also ask.

2. Depends on your contract and situation of your work.
If your company allows you can take all your holidays, but I think you should give the company the change to educate someone to take over your job. If there is no person taking over your job you dont have to be worried

3. Again talk with your company or check your contract.
This is depending on the company.

Best advice is to leave the the company correctly.

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Re: Questions about quitting my job 2019/5/20 12:11
Let me give you my opinion:

1. Be careful with the bonus. In some companies it is stipulated that bonus payment only occurs in those two specific months. Leaving earlier might not mean that you will get a proportional amount of it - you might get nothing. Please confirm this, otherwise I would advise you to quit after you receive the bonus.

2. Taking or not paid holidays before your final day is ok from a legal point of view. It might not be the best situation for your boss, but it's possible. Another possibility is to take only a few days or not to take days off at all, and then get paid for those unused paid holidays.

3. I don't think the employer can force you to take days off when you don't wish to do so.

Best thing is to have an honest conversation with your boss and to reach a middle point, something that works for both. It could also happen that they don't want you to stick around any longer and will ask you to leave immediately. It's not a usual case, but it might happen if the relationship with your boss is not that good (as you're sort of making it sound...)
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Re: Questions about quitting my job 2019/5/20 14:05
Thank you for you comments. I have decided to not inform the company earlier, because I knew from my past, what some of my former co-workers went through after they informed their desire to leave.
This is a small company where the boss does not care about other people and no that is not just my opinion, but the opinion of all my co-workers.

Anyway, I informed today about my plan to leave the company end of June and take the rest of my vacation days until before that, so that my last day at work would be June 19th. But as I already expected the boss did no t accept it and said that it is the companie's right to reject a vacation request. He said I have the following possibilities:

1. Leave the company officially from June 20th, which also means that I will not get the full salary for the month. In that case I am allowed to take my vacation days before that.

2. Leave the company on 30th June, but in that case he expects that I attend work in the last week of June and take my vacation days earlier.

Regardless of the case, they will also only pay a certain percentage of the bonus and not the full bonus for the first half year.

I guess I cannot do anything about the bonus and I also think there is nothing I can do if they reject me from taking vacation the last week of my employment, but can please someone advise if this is correct?
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Re: Questions about quitting my job 2019/5/20 16:38
I would say the bonus depends on what period of attendance and performance is being taken into account. Most companies pay a summer bonus based on the attendance of the previous year, from July to December. If that's your case and you had full attendance during that period, you should receive a full bonus. If you have a different case and you're not attending the complete period that comprises the bonus, then it's understandable that you won't receive it 100%.

As for the holidays, I think your boss is correct in the sense that he has the right to deny your vacations based on the fact that there might be some urgent tasks to complete, etc, especially if he will lose you. Of course he still can't force you. You could, for example "get sick" and not be able to attend office, then you'd have to use your paid holidays, and he would have to accept it. All I can recommend is, try to leave in good terms. You're already leaving anyway, and withing a relatively short notice period, so the best you could do is to stay until the end, do a proper handover of your tasks, and then disappear into the mist.
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