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Event in Fukuoka november? 2019/5/18 05:08

Maybe a strange question, but is there some sort of event in Fukuoka the 3th of november (2019).

Hotel prices are very high and dropping again the day after.

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Re: Event in Fukuoka november? 2019/5/18 12:38
I can tell you that it is not the sumo tournaments, which start a week later. And I can't find any info on concerts or events then.
But weekends, especially Saturday nights can be way more expensive for hotels - for some, close to double.
In the end, a full hotel is a full hotel. But it depends on the place, and if you get a less mainstream or non-chain place, you can probably still find something reasonable. Try looking at
You don't give your full itinerary, but there are some good sights in the area, though fewer people actually know about them.
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Re: Event in Fukuoka november? 2019/5/19 00:31
Prices also sometimes drop so I would keep checking. They can even drop 1 month out. It's one reason I don't like non-refundable rates.

I was originally doing two different hotels in Kyoto in June because the Saturday night price at hotel A was close to 2x the nightly rate I was paying for each of my other 4 nights at A, so I booked Hotel B just for the one night, since it was considerably cheaper. Well, I kept checking various booking sites for Saturday night and last week hotel A dropped their price so I could book all 5 of my nights for close to the same rate and I canceled Hotel B. So I would also just keep checking and maybe book something just in case that you can cancel.

Sometimes the rates are also lower at a hotel's actual website vs an aggregator. I got a much better deal booking directly with the Candeo hotel than I was getting on Booking or Expedia. I've also gotten higher rates on the actual booking website vs. an aggregator. It just varies.

Good luck!
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Re: Event in Fukuoka november? 2019/5/19 06:07
Fukuoka is crazy priced on Fri/Sat/Suns. Very little cheaper 5000-7000 per night hotels exist as they get booked up 3 months out almost instantly. Through the week is not a issue.
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Re: Event in Fukuoka november? 2019/5/19 06:51
typically, Nov. 3 is national holiday, cultural day, ̓.
and in 2019, two days (Nov. 3 and 4) are contiguous holidays. if you add the Saturday, holidays are 3 days.
Japan has plenty national holidays. the next is Nov. 23.
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