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Umobile Tourist Data Sim Card 2019/5/18 23:16
Hi guys,

I will be visiting Tokyo in November 2019, and want to buy the data sim from Umobile Vending Machine at Narita Airport, allot of people have given it good reviews, they normally come with a 7day or 15day option with about 200mb per day which seems reasonable.

From what i can see i have googled allot about this, and the vending machines seems to change allot the packages from time to time, has anybody recently purchased this at Narita, and what are the current options they offer, as i see the 30day option has been discontinued, im hoping they will still over the 15 day one as thats the time period i will be visiting

the reason for buying the sim is just to keep connected with regards to my apps, translations and maybe google maps just incase, the wifi modems are to expensive for me as im on a bit of a budget.

anybody input on this product or a better one they have seen will be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Umobile Tourist Data Sim Card 2019/6/5 19:50
just would like to refresh this page, if anybody can give me advise on this data sim card, or if anybody used this option and could recommend it to me
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