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Old suica card 2019/5/19 05:13
Hi, I have an old suica card I used on a trip back in 2008, when I go back can I reactivate this card or do I need to buy a new one?
by Ryan (guest)  

Re: Old suica card 2019/5/19 10:46
I have read two information about long-term disuse.

One is that it's supposed to remain "active" for 2 years since its last use.

Another one says it may become invalid after 10 years of no use.

I am not sure if they are necessarily conflicting info, if "active" and "valid" mean different things.
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Re: Old suica card 2019/5/19 11:31
After 10 years of inactivity, you cannot use the card anymore. You have two options:

1) Exchange your old card into a new card. Possible remaining balance will be transferred to the new card.
2) Get a refund. The usual service fee applies.

Both options are available at manned JR East ticket counters.
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Re: Old suica card 2019/5/19 13:37
It will be invalid in 10 years from the last time it was used, so you should buy a new one.
Old cards are valuable items with slightly different designs, so leave it as memories.
If it is a card with a specially designed card, to replace it or return it is not best.
Even with a general card that is not a special design, direction of penguin face is different like below.

And, from which airport do you plan to come to Japan next time?
Apart from NRT or HND, you should buy another rail company's card.
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Re: Old suica card 2019/5/24 01:46
Thank you everyone for all your feedback, I will be flying into Kansai so this time I will pick up an icoca card. Thanks again.
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