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Life advice on living in Japan or the US? 2019/5/20 17:57
I figure this forum would be good for getting life advice from expats in Japan, and are the only ones who can answer my question as my parents didn't have any advice for me.

I'm a biracial kid of the US and Japan, and haven't stepped out of this country once. Also, I'm more Asian looking hafu (imagine the singer Joji but more Asian)
I'm looking for some life advice on what path to take.

Currently, I'm a sophomore who goes to a Japanese English-taught liberal arts college, and I'm headed down that normal Shuukatsu path. My issue is, I'm not sure if this Japanese corporate life is what I want in the future, or if Japan is the country I want to be in --- I have American citizenship.

Although, I'm going to stick on this Japanese path for now, when I'm older (late 20's) I may feel that I want to move on from Japan to the states and apprentice for a trade, or something. Even if Japan is the only country I know.
(Not sure if that is smart)

So, I figured I should study abroad at the US to get an idea of that side of me.
For study abroad during college I have two choices:
If it's 1 semester I'll be in time for shuukatsu, I'm just not sure, if it's long enough to get a feel of America though.
Or, 2 semesters, probably long enough to get acquainted with my other side. But, could put me at a disadvantage for shuukatsu.
I want to go for 2 semesters, but I'm worried about my job outlooks.

I'm looking for some general life advice.
Any information, ideas, thoughts, suggestions.

At the core, my issues are that I've only been to Japan, and I'm not completely sure if this is the country I should live in for my whole life when I have the options to go to the states.
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Re: Life advice on living in Japan or the US? 2019/5/20 21:55
I am assuming that you have dual passports currently and are bilingual? So that if you stay in Japan, you will proceed to gshuukatsuh ahead, like other Japanese college/uni students would.

If I were you I would probably do one semester in the US, so that later you wonft feel you gmissed out on shuukatsu.h Adding another semester is not going to get you any degree at the US college, so if you want to get a feel for yourself and for living in the States, one semester should be sufficient.

You donft want to make it a full year of studying in the States and completing your college in Japan one year later I guess? (You might consider that later if you try out gshuukatsuh and donft find employment that satisfies you.) Best wishes.
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Re: Life advice on living in Japan or the US? 2019/5/21 02:14
See the world (or just the US) before making a big decision, and I am not sure if one semester is enough to see it (that will be like "vacationing" then, which tends to paint a rosier picture than living and really getting to know a country). Besides, it's not a dire decision you cannot undo - if you change your mind, you can always move (until you give up one passport, but I know lots of people who keep both beyond the age limit). Or you can work for a Japanese company and be stationed in the US, etc. There are many options.
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