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Full Month Zen monastery volunteering stay 2019/5/20 18:50
Where can I find info about staying a month in a Buddhist monastery and participate in every day life, experience the life of a Buddhist monk including eating,sleeping,working,zen-ing ...

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Re: Full Month Zen monastery volunteering stay 2019/5/21 13:53
What is the purpose of your visit?

What Japanese skills (including reading and writing) do you have?

The reason I ask is that some sects in Japanese buddhism are very willing to teach non-Japanese people buddhism, but I can't think of one temple that would house a foreigner for a month at no cost.

In general, I have found American Japanese buddhist associations as a nice starting base for English speaking people to understand it's basic ideas along with an introduction to Japanese temples and such.

Note that I am not Buddhist nor Japanese so others on the forum will know more than I
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Re: Full Month Zen monastery volunteering stay 2019/5/28 16:45
Thank you for your answer.

I have visit Japan for a month and stayed 2 nights at KOYA buddhist temple.
It was astonishing. The atmosphere, the Relaxation, Simplicity...
Also saw the movie ZEN-FOR-NOTING which I recommend ( https://tinyurl.com/y5o89d68 )

My purpose is to experience and learn that way of life for a longer duration and if possible to participate and volunteer on the daily assignments.

I don't speak or read/write Japanese, so it limit my options ... :-(
As for length of visit, I think at least 10 days is needed to really experience, that's why I said month.

Can you point out for American Japanese buddhist associations or other startup points?

Is there is other link I can query about such a visit?

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