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Finding a neighbourhood in Tokyo? 2019/5/21 19:56
I have a weird and vague request. A few years ago I spent some time in a Tokyo neighbourhood and now I need to go back. The problem is that despite knowing the city really well for the most part (lived in Tokyo on/off for years), I have very few clues. It was fairly residential, I remember one particular place where a train line ran alongside a small road with flowerbeds alongside the tracks. Sounds like any Tokyo neighbourhood, I know. If I had to place it on a map, it would be to the west of Shibuya. How far west Ifm not sure, but the biggest clue I can give is that it had one of those white towers (incinerator?) like the big one in Ikebukuro (therefs one between Ebisu and Shibuya stations too). Also Ifm not 100% on this, but you may be able to see the tower from Tokyo Tower.

I know this is weird, but if someone can help with the name of a neighbourhood or a station, anything, I would be super grateful!
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Re: Finding a neighbourhood in Tokyo? 2019/5/22 11:25
No open the Google MAPS?

No remember even the name of railway or bus lines and stations?
If you could remember the color of the train, the search range would be considerably narrowed.

Have you forgotten the names of supermarkets and restaurants as well?
Are there anything like photos, videos, documents, etc?
No friends who knows your contacts?
No memory city or ward office name?
What were you doing in Tokyo for the last few years?
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Re: Finding a neighbourhood in Tokyo? 2019/5/22 12:57
Yes! Sorry I forgot to mention, it was a Keio train. I donft know if it was the main line out of Shinjuku or one of the branch lines though. If I knew the name of a station I could find it easily, Ifm very familiar with Tokyofs public transport network.

I have looked on maps, I canft seem to find it.

No photos, I had one friend there at the time but she has left Japan and we are no longer in touch.

The white tower clue was the one thing I was really counting on. I know there are a fair few of them on Tokyo, but itfs not THAT many.

The last few years? Travelling to different countries, working, studying. Why?
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Re: Finding a neighbourhood in Tokyo? 2019/5/22 13:29
Probably this area?
Takaido() station on Keio Inokashira line.
White tower is Suginami waste incineration plant.

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Re: Finding a neighbourhood in Tokyo? 2019/5/22 15:15
Yes, I would also be thinking about Takaido because of the waste incinerator

The good thing, KEIO inokashira line isnft that long. So look at google maps or google earth along that line for the incinerator and you should be able to find it.

In Takaido there is a onsen (rings any bells?) and a river with a walking /cycling path. (Rings any bells?)
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Re: Finding a neighbourhood in Tokyo? 2019/5/23 02:44
There is another plant Chitose Incineration Plant, near Hachimanyama station. The chimney there looks to be octagonal in cross section, vs round for Suginami Incineration Plant near Takaido. If you remember the shape of the chimney, it should be easy to figure out which.
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Re: Finding a neighbourhood in Tokyo? 2019/5/23 12:21
Takaido! Thanks so much guys. Google street view wasnft much help but I looked it up on YouTube and instantly recognised it. Thank you!
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