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Looking for futsal in Nagoya 2019/5/22 22:25
Hello all,

I am desperate to play FUTSAL in Nagoya. By futsal, I am referring to what Nagoya Oceans does better than any other team in Japan - which is to say, indoor 'soccer', 5-a-side, on hard surfaces. Not looking for turf or outdoor. Quite surprised that it has been so hard to find this, I would really appreciate any hints anyone can give, with regards to teams I can get in contact with or a better forum on which to search for leads.

by Tajimi Richard (guest)  

Re: Looking for futsal in Nagoya 2019/5/24 17:59
I typed "futsal nagoya" into google and this was the first suggestion.


Down the bottom has a few locations of clubs and websites to make contact.
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Re: Looking for futsal in Nagoya 2019/5/24 18:09
Yeah i had seen that one :) first thing i did was Google search :) sadly with the exception of Oceans Arena none of the mentioned opportunities play on the surface I'm looking for! Oceans Arena is at the end of two train lines from my place, and I've nobody to book with, so that's out :)


Thanks anyway :)
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