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Transport of bike from Paris to Japan 2019/5/24 18:59
I'm a traveler and touring cycliste who will travel end of July by Transiberian trains from Moscow to Japan (boat between Vladivostok and Japan). In Japan I will cycle 3-4 months (end of August to end of November). I'm looking for somebody flying from Paris to Japan who could take my bicycle on the plane (of course, I will pay extra fee and organise transfer in Paris and Japan by friends...)
Is there anybody who could give me some helpful information or do it for me ? Thanks a lot!
by Bernard Maier (guest)  

Re: Transport of bike from Paris to Japan 2019/5/25 11:38
What about just shipping it with a normal shipment company?

This one here is a high quality Japanese one:

But I am pretty sure you can find other companies as well. Friends eg just had their relocation (small) from Japan to Norway and they shipped their stuff.

If shipping by sea, make sure to have AMPLE time. We shipped our entire furniture to Japan some years ago from Spain and somehow the container got stuck in Shanghai for a while and I think it finally took nearly 4 months.

For your cycling trip, you probably already have it planned through but if you need further inspiration you might want to check out my blog:


I have tried to put generally useful information as well as summaries of my rides. I had 2 months in autumn 2017 and road through Japan by bicycle, train, bus, plane etc from Hokkaido to Kyushu. As you can see I am not a specially strong cyclist, so normally no hills and I also am a very slow tourist needing quite some time every day for my touristy activities. So overall my daily km were quite low, much lower than what I can do if just riding on. But this trip was for tourism not sports.

And one item you should consider bringing us a bicycle bag, as if in Japan you ever consider to take a train with your bicycle it is mandatory.

Enjoy your ride!
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Re: Transport of bike from Paris to Japan 2019/5/25 18:31
Thank you very much for these helpful informations!
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