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Is it a stable life? 2019/5/25 08:30
Hope you all wll be doing good and happy. I hope I wll get some answers from you thank you so much. Just want to explain direct my situation I came to Japan in mid of 2018 as a tourist and got married to a Japanese man and Change my status to spouse of Japanese successfully and start working next day after got my resident card so no unemployment period. And enrolled in shakai huken from the 2nd month of starting working so about taxes also I am clear paying all taxes .me and my husband working at same company together living at same place my husband annual income is 4+ million and my annual income wll be around 3.1 million don't have dependents what you think is this a stable life? I heard that immigration is now adays strict about these factors please your comment will be appreciated.
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Re: Is it a stable life? 2019/5/25 11:13
What we think is unimportant; what's important is what the immigration officials that handle your case think, and the only way to know that is to apply and wait for the result.
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Re: Is it a stable life? 2019/5/25 13:59
What you think about my situation is important for me if not then why I asked here and I know it's up to immigration what they decide and how they think but for me I want your comment about my situation if it's look stable to you so it's mean a good sign may be others all also think positive but if you see something to be improve more or something which I have to achieve more so that all be appropriated if you point out
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Re: Is it a stable life? 2019/5/25 14:04
You already got your spouse status,
as long as both of you remain married, with stable income, paid taxes/insurance/pension there should be no problem getting a renewal.

However, duration given will depend on immigration discretion. No one can say for sure.
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Re: Is it a stable life? 2019/5/25 14:24
even after you and your spouse satisfy immigration's conditions, they may only give you one-year residential status. if so, you can really understand that so many foreigners are doing in illegal or almost illegal, or bad manners. so, they are very cautious even for good foreigners (like you), because there is no ruler to measure goodness.
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Re: Is it a stable life? 2019/5/25 19:06
I think your situation seems stable nothing to be worried one of my closed Friend got thr 3 years extension on his third time renewal but his wife don't have a job and he also not paying taxes but last year he enrolled in employee huken only that was a change and he got his wife don't have job and have one daughter gurantor with 0 income and my friend also earnings less than 3 million but he got at third time after enrolling in huken. One of my other friend he got at first time renewal straight 5 years so it depends just prove as much as possible that you are following the rules and regulations and your marriage is real
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Re: Is it a stable life? 2019/5/27 08:56

As mentioned it is not what we think or can give you advise.
Even if your life is stable, immigration can still decide differently, or ask additional information.

All you can do is prepare and inform immigration accordingly and wait for the outcome.
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