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Side job, online surveys and visa 2019/5/27 22:56
Hello everyone!

I know that there are already some discussion concerning topics that are close to mine but as I couldnft find the answer I am looking for, Ifm asking for helping me out.

I am on a Specialist in Humanities / International Services Visa, got a full time job, but Ifm paying for my pension(N)and health insurance(Љی)by my own as my company is a start up and very small.

I would like to do some online side jobs like paid surveys or translations.
Regarding my contract there would be no big issue if Ifd do an extra job but Ifm a bit confused of what Ifve read regarding the type of visa I am holding and the permission to have an additional income.

Ifve read about the shikakugai katsudou Kyoka, but in my case the category would still match with that of my visa...

I appreciate your advice very much!!!

Thank you!

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Re: Side job, online surveys and visa 2019/5/28 10:08
First you need to check with your contract if you may have additional work.
Some companies do not allow a second job, also if you have second job next to your full time job you can pay more tax.

If you still want to continue, or allowed to have a secondary job you can confirm immigration if it is within your visa category.
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Re: Side job, online surveys and visa 2019/6/10 13:29

Thank you so much for your fast reply and excuse me for my late answer.
I will figure out what I am allowed to do then.
Thank you!
Bye, Brita
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