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Change of status denied 2019/5/29 22:03
I am leaving in Japan from more then 6 years. I had one year visa (engineer/specialist in humanities/International services) , I open a new company and do all legal procedures then I apply for change of status to manager or investor. They reject my application and the reason is your past status was not good . ( I had a traffic violation of over speeding ,I had paid 80000 yen as fine ) second I had not paid pension till now but I enrolled and I will pay the all amounts in installments. What should I do now ?
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Re: Change of status denied 2019/5/30 11:09
this is up to the immigration.
First you need to pay all open debts.
Secondly you can reapply for a change of status but it can be denied again.
Usually the advice is to wait 6 months after your denied application.

If needed you can take an immigration lawyer to help you.
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Re: Change of status denied 2019/5/30 12:48
the amount of 80000 yen means your driving was more than 40 km/h over-speeding. this is not a regular penalty. you was prosecuted (on paper) ( I think you met a prosecutor), you admitted the guilty, the judge decided the penalty, and finally you paid it, instead of jailing.
(there are two types of penalties, and . (less than 40000yen) is not counted as a criminal.)
you have a criminal record.
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Re: Change of status denied 2019/5/31 00:47
My application of change of status to business management visa is rejected their are 3 reasons told by immigration officers
1st and most focus one is that , last year when I applied for visa extension as engineer/ specialist in humanities/ international services they give me visa 2 July 2018 which is actually until 10 September 2019, but my employer sent notifications to immigration that I was left last company in 30 June 2018 so they said you get visa after leaving your current company which is considered not good, ( but my employer first didnft give me salary of July and then he said You have to join other company or make your own company because he canft take me any more) mean while I registered a company MRA trader 20 July 2018, and on 23 July my employer said I canft give you salaries due to big losses and he terminated me .

2). I apply for change of status in April this year which is too late according to immigration officer ( and I also didnft give the notification to immigration about my job termination)

3rd). I didnft pay pension until now

Immigration officers said they will send me a notification to leave Japan and cancel my current visa
My case is at very bad stage I know, can you help me in that because I am already running my company very well i also export some cars and agriculture machinery

Please I need your consultation if any thing is possible
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Re: Change of status denied 2019/5/31 02:04
So you were running your company even though you didn't have investor/business manager status? In other words, you worked illegally. It's game over, and you can consider yourself lucky that you are not now in detention.
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Re: Change of status denied 2019/5/31 08:44
You broke many laws and are in the country illegally. I do not think there is any way Immigration would allow you to stay after all of that.
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