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Is Shoryudo worth it? 2019/5/30 14:18
Been to Japan 10+ times but never checked out Shoryudo. Is it worth it? We are planning to visit Japan last 2 weeks of December. Want to plan a trip for 7-10 days around Kanto and 4-7 days something else.
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Re: Is Shoryudo worth it? 2019/5/30 21:58
Do you mean Shoryudo, as in this part of Japan: https://shoryudo.go-centraljapan.jp/en/index.html

Yeah, lots of people like Chubu, including me, but until I did a Google search I've not heard of it being referred to as Shoryudo before.

In no particular order, Kawaguchiko, Kanazawa, Takayama, The Okuhida Region, The Alpine Route, Kamikochi, Matsumoto, and the Kurobe Gorge, come up as places to visit on this forum on a semi-regular basis. The Shoryudo also seems to include part of Kansai, specifically: Mie-ken and Shiga-ken. I know a few people on this forum adore Hikone. (I liked it a lot, but not to the extent I've seen a few other posters.) So yeah, if you've not been to these areas before there is an awful lot to do depending on your interests.

Good luck!
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Re: Is Shoryudo worth it? 2019/5/31 03:28
I also never heard the word Shoryudo and needed to look it up. But yes, the region it describes is very nice. Now I donft know if end December is the time I would go. Itfs in the mountains so some parts will be closed (Kamikochi...) , others inaccessible. But itfs probably still a bit too early for skiing.

So if you want to go to real winter maybe itfs not yet wintery enough. But if you want to see Koumi or nature in general it may already be too wintery. That would be my only objection to this region of japan. Otherwise it is definitely worth a week of traveling.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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Re: Is Shoryudo worth it? 2019/5/31 17:56
Thanks guys. Is this region better in the summer then? Will this region be snowing and hard to drive/access in the winter (again last 2 weeks of Dec). I have driven in japan before but never in the snow. .
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Re: Is Shoryudo worth it? 2019/6/1 00:59

I would say this depends on your interests? I've not personally been in the area in December and I honestly try to avoid Japan in late December, but I was in Fukui and Kanazawa in November. It might be a little chilly in December but both would be eminently visitable. There could be snow if you go through the mountains but again, it depends on where you want to go.

Whether you need a car or not would depend on where exactly you are going. Some areas you are better off without one, like trying to get between say Kanazawa and Nagano.

The mountains are of course a popular destination in the Summer because of hiking. I went to Kanazawa, Matsumoto, Kamikochi and Nagano last June and went to Takayama the June before. Even though Takayama is much warmer in June, I think I still preferred it to the snow in February, but I also don't like snow.

Good luck!
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