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Translate this Omikuji 2019/5/30 23:33
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Re: Translate this Omikuji 2019/6/2 17:10
Cannot read, they are terrible quality images and the characters are blurry.
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Re: Translate this Omikuji 2019/7/24 01:02
Only the first picture.

What you want will gradually come true.
Such happiness is coming in front of you.
However, unexpected things happen if you don't think carefully.
Make sure to keep it in mind.

Wish:There are some surprises, but wishes come true.
Person being waited for:Will come.
Lost things:It is in the near place.
Travel:no problem
Business:Profits come out if there is no noise.
Study:Danger.You should do your best.
Speculation:To be steady.
Dispute:Will win one day but it's bad now.
Love:It is not good now.
Changing residence:Not good
Give birth:Be careful with your child
Sick:It may become ill
Offer of marriage:May be obstructed and break open

I understand Japanese but, I canft express well in English.
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