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Kyoto to Yakushima 2019/6/2 16:49
Hi All,

I currently have one or two simple questions. At present, I've booked accommodation on Yakushima from December 31st to January 4th (4 nights). In general, I tend to try and stay in quiet places around new years as many places I'd normally visit are closed on this day. Last year - I was on the Amakusa Islands.

My main problem is that I can't seem to find much information about flights and such on December 31st. Are there flights on December 31st from Osaka to Kagoshima or even better Osaka to Yakushima?

I'm aware of flights being available in general - but I can't seem to book anything at present and I don't want to be caught out.
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Re: Kyoto to Yakushima 2019/6/3 11:11
I think it will be too early to try and find flights right now. I would wait until September or October.
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Re: Kyoto to Yakushima 2019/6/3 11:55

Tickets are only available till late Oct for now. For Dec flights, you might have to wait till July.
You might want to consider Peach Air for the Osaka - Kagoshima and Jac for the Yakushima.
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Re: Kyoto to Yakushima 2019/6/3 12:52
I may be wrong, but from my computer I can check and perhaps reserve ANA flights on Dec 31. This is ANA Super Value fare, from 148.3 AUD to 223.15 AUD. I am a Japanese and ANA's mileage member which may be influence the results.

According to ANA's site,


ANA SUPER VALUE 21/28/45/55/75 fare for winter will be open after late August. Probably the Experience Japan Fare will be available at the same time.
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Re: Kyoto to Yakushima 2019/6/3 13:47
I also wanted this confirmation about when tickets will be available. At present I can see expensive tickets to Kagoshima but no discount tickets - thus the reason. I'll wait until July....
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