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Tokyo station to Shimizu, Shizuoka 2019/6/2 22:29
Hello, I am looking for a cheap and if possible, quick way to get to Shimizu from Tokyo station. I found out about Be-Transse buses to get to Tokyo-Yaesu station from Narita Airport, but I am at a loss for the rest of my route. Hyperdia and other websites show several transfers and it gets quite expensive on the way. Is there a direct method to get there by bus? If not, how can I get to Shimizu by minimum number of transfers and for as little money as possible? Can I go to Shimizu from Narita Airport directly?

Thank you very much for your recommendations.
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Re: Tokyo station to Shimizu, Shizuoka 2019/6/3 12:29

I am going to assume you mean near Shimizu Station in Shizuoka. Shimizu ward is pretty big and if you have a different station in mind, it would be helpful to know.

This is the Highway bus from Shinjuku or Shibuya to Shimizu and Shizuoka Stations.

I don't think there are any direct buses from the airport, you will need to change in Tokyo. The cheapest transport from Narita to Tokyo proper is probably the 1000 yen buses. I believe they all go to right outside Tokyo Station, so you would then need to go into Tokyo Station and take the Chuo line to Shinjuku and then exit and find the bus station in Shinjuku. You would presumably have 2 transfers.

Though if you are going to be doing a round trip within 14 day between Tokyo and Narita Airport it's possible the following ticket might make more sense:

If you took the NEX to Ofuna (4000 yen round trip) You could then change trains there for a Tokaido line train for Numazu and change in Numazu for a Tokaido line train for Toyohashi and get off at Shimizu Station in Shizuoka. It would cost 2270 yen, take about 147 minutes and involve two transfers: from a NEX at Ofuna to the Tokaido line and at Numazu for the Tokaido line to Toyohashi. I believe the train stops slightly longer than usual at Atami, but you do not need to get off the train from what I am seeing on Hyperdia.

I'm not sure what parameters you put into Hyperdia, but that is what I am getting. If it were me, I would probably do the NEX to Ofuna and then take the Tokaido line. I think the trains run more frequently than the buses and it might actually be faster and about the same price.

Good luck!
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Re: Tokyo station to Shimizu, Shizuoka 2019/6/3 12:48
Oh and the 2270 yen is just Ofuna to Shimizu.

I did find a direct bus from Narita to Numazu Station:

But I believe it only runs twice a day. If your arrival in Narita coincided with it, you could take the bus for 4600 yen to Numazu Station (Numazu Station Kita (North) Guchi (Exit)) and then take a train from Numazu for about 45 minutes and 760 yen to Shimazu.

You could take the bus all the way to Shin-Fuji Station, but then you would need to walk or taxi to Fuji Station to catch the local line because Shimizu isn't a shinkansen station and the shinkansen is much more expensive than a local train. It would cost you 1700 yen without a reserved seat to take the shinkansen one stop from Shin-Fuji to Shizuoka where you would change for a local train and take it 11 minutes to Shimizu. It would take you 32 minutes from Shin-Fuji Station. So you're only saving 15 minutes over Numazu but paying more than 2x as much (not including the longer and more expensive bus)

That would give you the least number of transfers (1) But again, the bus only runs 2x a day because it's a long bus trip.
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Re: Tokyo station to Shimizu, Shizuoka 2019/6/6 22:37
rkold, thank you very much for your informative reply. It really helped me a lot!

I can see from the link you provided that there is direct transportation from Tokyo to Shimizu (I had meant Shimizu station as you could guess, sorry about the vague information) by highway buses, and from Numazu to Tokyo for my return, which is great! I had found before the Kodama express and Tokaido line, which looked the most convenient to me to arrive in Shimizu, but I checked Hyperdia once more and found a route which is a bit longer but half the price of the other options. I think NEX is a bit overpriced for me, and I will try to stick with the cheaper alternatives.
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