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last slope of yoshida trail 2019/6/3 21:54
We want to climb mt. fuji from the 4th to the 5th of july on the yoshida trail - I read in another blog that the last slope to the peak will be closed probably until the 10th of july - do you have further information about it? is there a chance that it will be open on our date?

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Re: last slope of yoshida trail 2019/6/5 12:07
I'm also curious about this as I plan to hike July 1 and 2.
The official site doesn't seem to know yet:
"This year's opening of Yoshida trail might be later than July 1st,
because of the collapse of the trail just beneath the top."
The last update May 30, 2019: The snow removal work has been in action earlier than usual year..
The Japanese version of this notice also says the next update is mid June.

However, this hotel site to reserve for foreigners states:
*** Trail Update, June 3 ***
Customers who book a Yoshida/Subashiri trail mountain hut on or before July 8 are advised that they will be prevented from reaching the summit by a posted government official 100m short of the summit. Climbers can access the summit via the Fujinomiya or Gotemba trails, however FMG does not currently take reservations for huts on these trails.
I wish I could find the source on the information they have. Would be sad to get 100m from the top and not be able to summit.
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Re: last slope of yoshida trail 2019/6/16 18:23
I climb Mt. Fuji many many times before (mostly off season). I think for safety reasons a mountain staff will not let you use the damaged ascending trail (which is currently under repair) 100m below the summit. You can always use the descending trail which is connected somewhere at the upper part of the 8th station (between Gansomuro and Goraikokan huts). Try to find a Mt. Fuji trail map online to give you a better idea what I'm talking about. Hope that helps those who want to climb it between Jul1-10. Go on weekdays and check the weather if you have a flexible schedule. Have a safe hike!
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