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Yamadera in February? 2019/6/4 21:17
Hello there!
My best friend and me are traveling from Sendai to Kyoto during February next year.
I LOVE Japanese mountains, pilgrimage trails, folklore, etc.
I've read about Yamadera so many times and was very excited to go but... Watched a video from few years ago about a guy going up Yamadera approximately during the same reason and it was pure ice, and most of the surrounding shrines where covered by sort of canvas thing to avoid damaging during snowing weather.

What I'm wondering... (As a last hope to be able to climb it up 😂) is: in a lot of website I've read there's not such snow in the places that it used to be anymore. Places like Nikko, Yamadera or Nakasendo trail between Tsumago and Magome , there are reviews of them fulfilled of snow like 8-10 years ago, but not that much recently.

Since I'm not very experienced about weather in Japan, I would like to ask if anybody would know if Yamadera would be "climb-able" during February. Thanks a lot. Also, if anybody knows about snowing in the other places above mentioned, it'd be amazing!


by Azucena Heredia Ruiz (guest)  

Re: Yamadera in February? 2019/6/4 23:43
I think this is hard to predict as it depends on the weather of each year. In Japan it does snow a lot.
Also the exact timing (early or late February) could make a big difference.

Maybe instead you should embrace winter if you are going to Tohoku in February and eg visit Zao onsen : https://www.japan-guide.com/e/e7927.html
Or other winter destinations.

Enjoy your trip to Tohoku!
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Re: Yamadera in February? 2019/6/5 00:35
Thank you very much for your answer, LikeBike ! The exact timing would be on the 3rd of February! does this give a better hint?
sadly, I wont be traveling to zao this time, but got a day off schedule so I'm planning to just go to yamadera and have a look!

Thanks for the info again, I love snow since I'm not to done to it yet so that's why I've chosen this particular dates!
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Re: Yamadera in February? 2019/6/5 08:35
No problem, you can.
But steps may slippy by snow covered like below, so u have to buy a good shoes.

It is common sense for people in snowy countries, but it is also important to know how to walk correctly.
There are almost no other tourists, so if you get stuck you won't get help right away.
Severe frostbite, in the worst case, leads to cell necrosis.
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