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Shimbashi or Nihombashi? 2019/6/5 08:40

I'm currently booked for my last night in Japan in a new hotel near Shimbashi Station. I'm spending 3 nights prior to my northern excursion in a different hotel in Nihombashi. That other hotel was originally considerably more for my last night but is now a little bit cheaper. Should I switch? I have an early morning (10:45 am) flight out of Haneda, which I've never used before. (Assuming that doesn't get changed last minute..)

The plus of moving back to the hotel I was staying at originally, is they probably will be willing to hold my larger bag for the 3 nights I am traveling in Northern Japan, so I wouldn't need to takyuubin it to the airport and worry about having the time to get it. I could also pack it with last minute goodies my final night. I've also previously stayed at the chain and I know I like the mattresses, though this particular branch was not open last trip.

The plus of the new hotel is it's super close to Shimbashi Station and my trip to Haneda, the room seems quite large for the money and it's a chance to try a new hotel.

(For those curious, it's the Mitsui Nihombashi Premier vs. the new Ginza Karasaka, the free breakfast at the Karasaka is not a plus, we're not going to eat much of it.)

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Re: Shimbashi or Nihombashi? 2019/6/5 10:07
Shimbashi has a direct, no transfers train to Haneda (Tokyo International Airport), but that is also true of Nihombashi.
You could send you luggage to the hotel with the three day delay so you do not have to collect it at Haneda, and not have it with you on your northern excursion.
I've stayed in Shimbashi a few times and been in the area a bit over the last year and it is a nice neighbourhood.

I have nothing against Nihombashi, I happen to like Shimbashi more (and it does have better transport connections).
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Re: Shimbashi or Nihombashi? 2019/6/5 10:20

Yeah, I've been looking at that direct Keikyu train. For some reason, Hyperdia thinks you should transfer to the monorail. I've never used Haneda before, so honestly, I am just glad I'm not going to Narita.

I have stayed in Shiodome near Shimbashi (Royal Park) and stayed elsewhere in Nihombashi. The Mitsui is convenient because we have a 16:10 reservation for the Pokemon Cafe in Takashimaya when we get back from the north, so we can just drop our bag at the hotel in Nihombashi a bit easier.

If my hotel holds my bag for free, then I save any takyuubin fees which is always a plus. I'd actually only be using takyuubin twice during the 2+ week period. Kyoto to Kashihara (unless I just take the bag on the Kintetsu) and Kashihara to Tokyo. (We're doing one night at TDR, before our 3 nights in Tokyo.)

We'll have two carry ons most days because my daughter has taken up the violin and she needs to practice every day. (We bought a mute to keep it quieter.)

Thank you!
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Re: Shimbashi or Nihombashi? 2019/6/5 15:14
Really difficult question. I am personally a fan of Shinbashi but because of its wired nightlife. I’d just assume (and maybe i am wrong) that you aren’t going to jump into the drunk-business-men-nightlife of Shinbashi. With that said, yes, there is the Asakusa line that can provide direct trains to Haneda (as well as Narita) but not all trains are direct. You might need to change at Shinagawa. Or you could take JR to Hamamatsucho and get the monorail there.

I think in your situation I would go back to the first hotel because
1) you know and like the hotel
2) they will hold you luggage for free (and you don’t seem to be concerned about transporting it all to Haneda)
3) you are probably not that attracted to the Shinbashi area attractions anyway
4) and did you say that it’s cheaper?

But essentially you can’t make a bad decision here.

Enjoy your trip!
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Re: Shimbashi or Nihombashi? 2019/6/5 15:46
Well, the advantage or Karaksa Hotel is that it is brand new and is somewhat unique hotel. In Japanese it is からくさhotel, which should be spelled Karakusa in English, but actually it is Karaksa (no "u"), which I think means it is not mainly for Japanese locals (of course they don't refuse Japanese people) but for tourists from every country. I think the OP is willing to experience different hotel atmosphere, so she might like Karaksa :).
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Re: Shimbashi or Nihombashi? 2019/6/5 21:27
Thank you @Frog1954, I did not know that about the Karaska.

It looks very new and clean and I know it only just opened. Though the Mitsui isn't even a year old either, as it was not built yet my last trip. Decisions! I am trying a brand new hotel in Kyoto (again) this trip.

@LikeBike, yeah no, I don't do the drinking life in Japan or even back in the USA. I like Shimbashi for its connections and because we go to Hakuhinkan Toy Park which is just a short walk from the hotel.

I'm just nervous about Haneda because it's new for me. I want to make my flight, but too much time in the airport is never a great thing and I like sleeping in the morning lol
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Re: Shimbashi or Nihombashi? 2019/6/6 01:06
Hi not sure if this is too late of a response. This is going to be a tad difficult to explain so bear with me.

I always stay at a business hotel near Nihombashi Station. I also always fly into Haneda Airport. The trick is to walk to Nihombashi Station (A13) and take the Asakusa Line on the Toei Subway. Check with Google or Hyperdia to see when the next Airport Express arrives at the platform because not all trains that stop at the platform are through service trains.

The Airport Express is a Keikyu train service. Keikyu operates the Keikyu Main Line from Haneda Airport to Sengakuji. Keikyu, in cooperation with Toei Subway, offers a through service that allows the Keikyu trains to run through the Toei Subway infrastructure. That way, when you take the train from the airport, you actually can take the same train without transfer to Asakusa. I do this all the time and is the reason why I stay in Nihombashi.

The question of how long it takes, it takes about 42 minutes. It is a little longer distance and time than if you stayed in Shimbashi (in which the same airport express stops at Shimbashi Station (A10)) but its not that much more.

I hope this helps you and I would advise to keep the hotels you have for Shimbashi and Nihombashi.
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